The “One Hour to a Better Funeral” Personal Consultation


A brainstorming session. You and me — for all the ways to have your spirit and personality infused in your goodbye celebration. In other words, more laughter than tears and more good memories than morbid carrying on.

Laughter!! Stories from 37 years ago that never get old. Toasts to your accomplishments and toasts to your flops. The sharing and caring of people who’ve known you forever. The coming together of the close and the far-flung — all people you love in your life. And your parting desire is that you leave ’em with a bit of a bang.

You had fun in life, and see no reason to go out in any other way. We get that! That is why we are here. Because maybe you don’t know exactly how to pull that off. Or realize that this can be truly unforgettable with just a little forethought.

That’s where we come in. This is our specialty and delight — working with you one-on-one to create — or concoct, because that’s how great it is — a goodbye celebration that does your life justice. In one hour.

No arduous soul-searching is required. It’s easy and lighthearted. Your goodbye can have any feel to it you want. It could be spiritual, culinary, literary, outdoorsy, political, pet-friendly, crafty… heck it could be just plain goofy. It could be downright any adjective you want, because that is the point.

And since we humans tend to have a short attention span for death-related topics, we’re making this down ’n dirty.

One hour. Lots of questions — easy questions. Delving into your hobbies, likes & dislikes, your style, memories, stories, and traditions. For some this could fill a warehouse, for others, not so much. It’s not about volume, it’s simply about you.

And with our creative mind at work, knowledge of what’s possible, what’s legal, what’s moving, bonding, and memorable, at the end of an hour we got ideas. From little touches to You-Could-Change-the-World-With-This (stranger things have happened). You will be inspired. You will picture your goodbye celebration with a genuine smile on your face. A mischievous smile. Because you had no idea it could be that special.

And that’s it.

It’s not mapping out every detail of your entire funeral. It’s not finances or wills. It’s not deciding what funeral home to call. It’ about style and how people will roll up the sleeves and take some action on your behalf.

It’s your opportunity to be creative about how YOU say goodbye. Let that sink in. It’s the message of love and gratitude that you want to convey for all these people you love with all your heart. Don’t let them have all the fun. You can surprise them in ways they could never imagine. You will wish you could be there… but look at it this way: You have the fun now planning it. They enjoy it later. 

There’s no set number of specific ideas, because every person is different, but you will get multiple approaches, and a bunch of unique possibilities. It’s the nature of brainstorming, and we’re awesome at it.

And when more ideas come to me (and they always do), I’ll send them on along asap.

One hour. Take your funeral up a notch. Ideas that get you excited and… dare I say, grinning with the potential.

You want your life celebration to be just that. Life-affirming, unique, and unforgettable.

It’s our specialty here at I Want a Fun Funeral. Putting a little life into your last wishes.

Shoot me an email with the subject line “One Hour” and we shall get a conversation on the calendar.

Cost: $50