Let’s Talk


I Want a Fun Funeral is much more than hip webinars for practical / open-minded / totally cool (take your pick) people.

To our core, I Want a Fun Funeral is committed to helping the discussion be more positive, expansive, and empowering. A little laughter is the balm to make our mortality more bearable.

Across the world, people are opening up to new notions about death. From Build-Your-Own Coffin Clubs in New Zealand to Death Cafes serving up conversation and cake in over 50 countries, we (the human family) are experimenting and exploring. We’re not satisfied with what’s always been done anymore. Expressing ourselves at end-of-life, and having more positive and personal experiences is becoming the rule, not the exception.

I Want a Fun Funeral welcomes any and all conversation on the matter — there are no constraints as we help rescue this important life event from the pits of antiquated thinking.

Have you got a suggestion, a crazy idea (we have no limit on crazy), a long-held secret wish or a spur-of-the-moment Eureka? Whatever you’ve got, we’re all ears. We can swap stories or delve deep into unexplored possibilities. You never know what may lead to something promising.

Kyle is available for speaking engagements, presentations, and workshops. These can be tailored for any size group…clubs, community events, senior centers, corporate programs, or religious communities.