It’s a new vision of funeral, and it’s about

Last Wishes

What if instead of planning a typical life celebration, you requested some Last Wishes to be done in your honor?

Because things are possible when someone has died that aren’t possible at any other time.

For your survivors, being able to carry out a Last Wish for you will be a little spark of delight away from the sadness.

It will bring a little life into a dark time.

From “play with cats at the shelter” to “finish building my model airplane” to “volunteer at Habitat for Humanity” — nothing is too big or too small, too personal or too grand.

Because things are possible when someone has died that aren’t possible at any other time.    

So let’s make some juicy last wishes and put some good out into the world.



I Want a Fun Funeral has a new vision for funerals —
planning our own goodbye parties ourselves and including some heartfelt Last Wishes.

You get the fun and joy of making some last wishes, and your survivors, who loved you so and are missing you like crazy, get the good fortune to carry them out for you. They will be touched and honored to wholeheartedly do this last thing for you that they can. It’s keeping your spirit alive, giving them comfort and purpose at an otherwise terrible time.

Note: Last Wishes isn’t a Bucket List (what you, yourself, want to do before you die).
It’s a last request of things you’d like done in your honor when you’re gone. 

Think about it
If someone you loved died and you found that they’d written down some last wishes,
wouldn’t you do anything in your power to carry them out? 

Of course you would.

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Better goodbyes start with yourself.
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