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On June 18th in Drexel Hill, NBC News filmed our “It’s a Funeral REVOLUTION” presentation.

Airing date is TBD. Will post when it’s confirmed.

Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist. On NBC (Channel 10 Philadelphia)

We pulled out all the stops to just plain say — Our goodbye celebrations need an overhaul.— We hoped we succeeded in giving you ideas and  inspiration.

We have much more power to personalize and not just do what’s always been done. We’re promoting a whole new vision of funerals in general.

Guest presentation by Terry Skovronek of Doylestown. Green Burial expert, Home Funeral Guide, Death Doula, and nationally recognized expert in End of Life matters. www.endoflifeschool.com.

Fun was had, and visions of better funerals were rampant, contagious, and inspiring.

Mt. Airy Learning Tree

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

It’s time to break the mold on overly formal and dull obituaries! Better to infuse them with personality and a real sense of who the person was. And there’s healing to be had in composing a beautiful and apropos encapsulation of a life. Whether writing for another, or your own in advance, we’ll review diverse and creative examples, and learn adaptable phrases and easy approaches. We all deserve a worthy obituary that celebrates life.

Cheltenham Adult School

See you again Winter 2020!