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Let’s face it, contemplating your own funeral isn’t on anyone’s To Do List, so it helps to have some support. Whether this is your first tentative peek into your post-life possibilities or you’ve been around the block in Death-Land, you should know that there is a wealth of resources to support the “death positive” conversation. This is a good starting place (and just a tip of the iceberg) for learning more.


All Things Funeral
These sites are comprehensive resources for all things funeral.
Funeral Consumers Alliance The Funeral Consumers Alliance is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization that is not associated with the funeral industry. They provide objective support, education and advocacy. They offer tools to empower you to make informed, thoughtful decisions about funeral and memorial arrangements before they are needed.

Funeral Consumers Alliance of Pennsylvania
Funeral Consumers Alliance of Princeton
A Good Goodbye
Funerals 360
US Funerals Online

FTC Funeral Rule


Personalized Services
The WoodsMyth, Handcrafted, Custom Wood Caskets and Urns
Carved in Memory
Parting Stones (ashes into stones)
Custom Teddy Bears using your loved one’s clothing