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 screenshot of plansThe I Want a Fun Funeral Post-Life Plans Packet

First, let’s be clear — You can scribble your last wishes down on a paper napkin if you want. There’s no legal document or required way of doing it. What’s nice about getting a real form, however, is that all you have to do is fill it out. You don’t have to figure out on your own what needs to be included.

Most funeral-planning forms out in the world are rather dry, and that’s being kind. They conform to the death is a sad business model. Filling them out feels like emotional torture. Such that you might not ever start, never mind finish them.

But not this one. It’s kinda fun. It will make you smile. Maybe even giggle a bit.

The Post-Life Plans Packet is upbeat but respectful. It’s irreverent in places, and that’s how we like it.

It’s both thorough and entertaining. Comprehensive and easy.

It’s the I Want a Fun Funeral way. Born of my own desire to make the process bearable. Something with a little life in it.

Anything worth doing is worth having fun while doing. And why exclude Life’s worst topic? The reality is that it’s not always possible at end-of-life conversations, but if circumstances allow, take advantage of it.

Channel your inner Grim Reaper and get started on an unforgettable goodbye celebration.


The Post-Life Plans Packet is an 18-page* PDF with Three Sections

1) Body disposition

Presents the three options (burial/cremation/body donation) and all the questions, for each one, that will need answers.
(For example, if you want a viewing, what outfit will you be sporting? If you want cremation, do you want the ashes shot into space? And yep, that’s possible.)

2) Service wishes

Includes all of the typical elements of a traditional funeral (music, readings, etc.) and prompts to help you think creatively. (For example, something along the lines of The Grateful Dead, Dizzy Gillespie or Broadway tunes at your goodbye celebration.)

3) Legacy plans or idea

A list of questions to brainstorm ideas for a legacy, or ways to take the funeral up a notch into something with a bigger impact.


All questions have space to fill in your answers and thoughts. All three sections are geared towards creating the most personal send-off you’re game for.

If you want to be celebrated, have good times remembered, inspire joy, and have as many laughs as tears…the Post-Life Plans Packet is your ticket. You’ll rest easy knowing your RIP will reflect YOU — and be memorable, touching, and ______________ (adjective of your choice) — whatever you desire.

*Not all of the 18 pages are for filling out, rest assured.

For $9.99, it’s the easiest way you’ll get a (formerly) dreaded task done. And I promise you (or your money back), you will smile.

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