Who starts a company called I Want a Fun Funeral ?


That would be Kyle Tevlin, who can’t seem to help herself from trotting down unusual paths. And in doing so, had a funeral epiphany, and decided to embrace her inner Grim Reaper and go for it. Her vision of a new way of doing funerals — liberating the topic from doom and gloom and making the term ‘life celebration’ live up to its meaning — took on a life of its own.

What started out as an intriguing insight, with the help of a burgeoning end-of-life conversation taking place worldwide, has become an ever-evolving engagement with how to make a terrible topic not just palatable, but surprisingly rewarding.

For years, Kyle had a happy life as a graphic designer; a good color choice was reward enough. She traveled to Africa doing a bit of volunteer work, ran a couple of marathons, kept up with grammar school friends, college friends, imaginary friends… one being her fictional character Zirlio, the Christmas Clown, now with his own small following. With art being the fickle business it is, along the way she had stints at teaching piano, selling pianos, taking school pictures, and taking hotel reservations. Kyle is resourceful if nothing else.

But something else was beckoning. Another logo design was never going to fulfill her longing for something deeper and more personal. So when she got a faint inkling that creativity could be a saving grace at one of life’s toughest times, it was irresistible. Her new reward became transforming people’s perceptions about funeral customs into something more encouraging, and inspiring them to take action in a way normally considered a bit bonkers.

If you like the name I Want a Fun Funeral, you might just be of like mind. You understand there is heartache in the death conversation, but you know that joy and celebration can co-exist with it, bringing healing, comfort, and even smiles. Kyle may have shone the light down this unusual path, but she trusts that once considered, it will carry a bandwagon of others believing in better and more rewarding goodbyes for us all.

What might appear in Kyle’s obituary?

Dry facts:

  • Grew up in North Jersey
  • Got a BA in Art from Smith College, MA
  • Resides in Chester County, PA
  • Two parents, four siblings, nine nieces and nephews, no pets*

Slightly more interesting stuff:

  • Loves to hike, play games, and be surprised
  • Favorite activity is playing the piano (only for herself, never for others)
  • Big fan of arts, crafts, collage, and those painting & wine parties
  • Spent a summer selling Cutco knives
  • Has been a satisfied participate in Toastmasters, Landmark Forum, and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
  • Passionate investor in The Hunger Project

Spellbinding info:

  • Hmm… not so much

* Hopes to have a man’s best friend before actual obituary time