Upcoming Webinars

From the comfort of your own home you are guided through getting your last wishes down on paper. Supplied with our forms and expertise, the group energy fosters creativity and understanding. From start to finish, we’ve designed it to be an easy and friendly undertaking. (We love saying undertaking.)

You can be as rowdy or as invisible as you want. We don’t call on anyone, or twist your arm over the internet to participate, so if you’re shy, that’s fine by us. You don’t even have to be seen if you don’t want to. We at I Want a Fun Funeral know the power of camaraderie to get things done. Coming together with like-minded individuals, in a light-hearted atmosphere, is the most powerful way to create your own goodbye party.

In our webinars, the ‘room’ may be virtual but otherwise it’s like we’re together — asking questions, making comments, sharing thoughts. We can all see each other. It’s a fun, interactive environment; we don’t do lectures.

Fall 2019 Webinars

Coming Soon
(Call for inquiries if need be!)

What You’ll Learn

The Bottom Line of What Your Family Needs to Know

  • Decisions about Burial / Cremation / Body Donation
  • A comprehensive outline for your Life Celebration event
  • Brainstorming guide for how to put your personality into your goodbye

Rules, Laws, and Options That You (Probably) Don’t Know About

  • The latest alternatives for what can be done with cremation ashes (official name: cremains)
  • Introduction to Green Burial and Home Funeral approaches
  • Funeral Home shopping guidance from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) ‘Funeral Rule’

Inspiration and Enlightenment

  • Real-life examples of untraditional goodbyes
  • Insider glimpses into the the minds of funeral directors
  • Ways you have more control than you think
  • Creative encouragement to make a goodbye plan that leaves you smiling

So, Exactly How Does The Webinar Work?

You’ll receive our package of final departure goodies (emailed to you when you register), which includes our propriety My Post-Life Plans packet, resources for further exploration, related articles, cartoons, and more

      • Show up on your computer at a designated time, led by the funeral-fearless (and kind and funny) Kyle Tevlin
      • Be taken step-by-step through all decision making, covering Body Disposition, Your Service, and Taking It Up a Notch
      • Together, we begin filling out the My Post-Life Plans packet
      • Share laughs and stories with other smart and heroic humans, going on the journey together
      • Finish with your goodbye plans well underway, with a broader and more positive outlook on your eternal rest than ever before

Do not attend if you don’t find this at least a little bit funny. There will be music, props, and show & tell. Kyle Tevlin is not a funeral director. She educates, inspires, and facilitates your getting your goodbye plans done. Period. You will share your plans with someone you trust to carry them out (as we’ll discuss in the webinar). Meaning: Nobody will be calling Kyle to carry out their funeral plans. Writing down our last wishes is how our family knows we mean business when we say Celebrate Me! And it’s our last chance for an extraordinary Thank You to them for being part of our lives.