This is too perfect to pass up. I’ve been so passionate about my Last Wishes concept lately that I put Fun Funerals a bit on the back burner, but it must be resurrected at once to share this story.

Read the recap of the wonderful event here:

A wife and mother from Arizona, who unexpectedly lost her 39- year old husband, decided to host a “FUNeral” instead of a traditional funeral, and by all accounts it was an unmitigated healing and memorable success.

With three children aged 8 to 12, Eleanor Young was most concerned about how the kids would experience this fraught rite of passage. “Every time I thought about planning a funeral for Brandon, I felt sick to my stomach. When I thought about how traumatic and torturous it would have been for my children to sit through, I just could not do it,” she said.

Smart woman! She listened to her intuition, knowing there was a different and better path for their family. Her husband Brandon had been fun loving, creative, silly, and lover of the arts. So she made that the theme of the party. 

500 PEOPLE were there to mark the day, bringing so much love to the gathering. Of course the family will mourn, be heartbroken, and miss Brandon like crazy. But they also now have this indelible memory of how they honored who he was to them. What better way to show their own love and gratitude for his life.

It was a celebration of all that he was, and that is the kind of honor and good-bye we all should get.

One of the comments to the new article said “This should be a normal thing. Let’s celebrate the fun of life with the memory of our cherished loved one.”

There’s no need any longer to be morbid and heavy. If your person (or you!) is someone for whom lively and and celebrate resonate more than restrained and reserved, well then… don’t overthink it. Just do what you know in your heart is fitting.

Send them off with the same life force they brought to the table — joy, enthusiasm, and fun!