School Bus storyRetired driver ready for last stop in a school bus casket

Epitome of a personal, unique, smile-inducing wish for someone’s goodbye party, brought to life.  From the Casa Grande Dispatch.

“Davis draws comfort from the thought that when he makes that final bus trip — the one that all of us will make one day — his final resting place will be in a casket decorated like a Grand Meadow school bus, right down to a painted red stop sign on the side and the No. 3, the number of the first bus he drove when he started out in 1949.”

Why the heck not?! It’s bringing smiles and joy to Glen Davis himself right now, and that will only be multiplied when the time comes, and his family knows that his spirt and passion were with him all the way through.

Don’t cut your life short by having a generic funeral. Make your goodbye party have your spirit in it!