People are always wanting more examples of fun funerals. Ideas, ideas, ideas… people want ideas.  And that’s music to my ears, because it means people are thinking bigger and desiring better goodbyes. That’s my mission, so Yee Ha!

However, I feel the need to point something out. You already have awesome ideas, people!

Funeral Banner FullI was in Seattle this past weekend speaking at the annual meeting of People’s Memorial, the country’s oldest and largest funeral consumer organization. We hung up this banner to get people to “start thinking” — but let me tell you, they were already thinking!


At my funeral (middle panel) At my funeral (first panel)

At my funeral (last panel)

A hot fudge fountain. Please, I want to know you. I’ve never been to a funeral with that.
Trees and tequila. How could one go wrong with this?
Time capsule. I’m surprised more people don’t do this. How fun to decide what goes in it?
Party for the homeless. Why aren’t we all doing stuff like this—for all the people who could really seriously appreciate (and deserve) a party? Big hearted person, this one.
Champagne and wide open space with dogs at play. This person loves life.
To be compost. One of the latest options for your body—be composted! The technology’s not quite done yet, but it’s in the works: Urban Death Project.

These are just a few ideas that people came up with. Unassisted and completely on their own. Just saying. I’m happy to help, and in fact that’s my J-O-B here. But please don’t sell yourself short and think you “can’t think of anything,” “wouldn’t even know where to begin,” and “don’t have a creative bone in my body.”

Surprise yourself by filling in the sentence: At my funeral I want______________.

I have no doubt you can think of something pretty outstanding in two or three minutes, tops.