I know I already wrote about this unconventional funeral, but since then I’ve found this video the family made.

It is so darn inspiring!

If the parents of sweet 5 year-old Garrett Matthias can choose celebration over sadness after his death… it is just more proof that the time has come — for those who so desire — to design our own, better ways of saying goodbye.

Says the mom, Emilie Matthias, “I really don’t want to stand in a church or a funeral home for hours on end, shaking people’s hands and hugging people, and having them say they’re sorry, … so this seemed to be a much better way to go. …I hope people can really enjoy, and see that funerals don’t have to be sad, that they can be a true celebration of life”

If this resonates with you, and you, too, would rather be more personal in how you say goodbye — whether it’s subtle variations on tradition or (like above) your own creation/celebration, please give me a holler. This is what I do. I help you bring your own legacy to a touching, memorable, and ultimately personal expression. Rock on, life celebrators!!