There’s really no lack of people who want a creative sendoff. Lots of you have great ideas, bold ideas, and some kinda quirky ideas for your final farewell. We especially love the quirky, and there is no too quirky, just so you know. But I observe a disconnect between these lively ideas and the writing them down. And we can’t have that! No one can go retrieve your juicy ideas out of your brain, not even in an autopsy, once you’re gone.

So I’m taking my mission up a notch, exactly as I suggest we take our goodbye parties up a notch. I’m going to host a live webinar. And this may truly be a first. Anywhere. So you may very well want to be there and make history.

And I’m only doing this because the tide needs turning, folks.

We need people to start planning ahead… like it’s a normal, matter-of-fact activity… pulling the plug on the presumption that it’s morbid, eccentric, weird, or twisted. And then experiencing that not only is it rewarding and informative, it can be fun, enlightening, and even life-changing.

That’s a big statement. I surely can’t guarantee that last result. But it was true for me, so who knows.

And did I mention easy? Hell yeah. It will be easy and fun, you will learn something, and your eyes will be open to a brighter funeral landscape then you ever imagined. It’s your goodbye party, you really do want to have a say in the matter.

And together we can get that done. In two hours, with some open-minded and eager people over the internet. You can go from haven’t-given-it-a-thought to DONE. Or at a minimum, well-on-your-way.

It will rarely get easier to do than this. And I’m pretty sure you have no idea how much it uplifts your perspective. It’s not simply “Okay, that’s out of the way”— it’s more like “Wow, I had no idea how much I cared. This is really kind of liberating and cool.”

Details in the works and coming soon.