To counteract last week’s gloomy post, we’re going to the other end of the spectrum today: Color! Tie-dye! Hippie culture!


(Andy Nelson/The Register-Guard)

A 1960s Volkswagon bus turned into a columbarium. (Columbarium – a room or building with niches for funeral urns to be stored.) I think this is the bomb. Yes, I admit that I did pause to assess my gut-reaction glee. Is it just silly? Is it in any way truly disrespectful? Is it removing all semblance of reverence?

Nope. It’s just plain old fun. And there’s nothing wrong with continuing the enjoyment of life right on through eternity.

And as I always emphasize — it doesn’t have to be for everyone. But boy, if you were a Deadhead or any flavor of hippie-dippie flower-power loving free spirit from any generation, it’s kind of fitting.

Whatever your personality was in life—while breathing, when it mattered, when anybody who could care anyway would bother caring — well gosh darn it, take that personality to the end of the line.

If anyone knows of a reason not to, please advise me. I don’t want to be pig-headed in my enthusiasm, but I would need that explained to me. And I’m open, I promise.

Read the article about this very cool columbarium in Eugene, OR here.