This picture says it all to me. ALL. It’s pure celebration, as simple as it gets.

And for that reason, I’m not going to muddy this message with analysis or pile on other examples of celebration.

Sometimes simple is best. One can’t argue with pure. Getting to the heart of the matter can be a straight line. In this case, it’s from children’s hands making tissue paper garland to decorating a Grandma’s last car ride.

The photo is courtesy of Jean Francis of Last Wishes in the UK. She shares my sentiments about celebrating with joy instead of being downtrodden with mourning. She posts stand-out pictures and inspiring stories in her Facebook group, Last Wishes Live Your Legacy.

making_garland_funeralMaybe it’s just me, but this colorful handmade garland wrapped around the car couldn’t say We love you! You made us happy! and We now and forever celebrate you! in any grander way. It’s a bona fide statement of joy.

I definitely want colorful garland at my send off.

May this inspire you to lighthearted and enthusiastic goodbyes of your own.

And, as always, if you need any help at all with that, give a holler.