Greetings fun funeral fans!

New Insight Thursday and confirmation of how the circle of life is so encompassing. It’s magnificent how nothing occurs in a vacuum; any given action can be a boon to something seemingly unrelated.

Existing Observation: A side effect of planning your own goodbye party in advance is that you’re then much better prepared to plan one for someone else. You know the drill, the choices, the costs (ideally, because you have shopped around!), and the overall landscape of what might be best for all concerned.

Improved Observation: If, in planning your own goodbye party, you dove in and really took celebration on with gusto (i.e. not just token celebrating… like including your favorite song in an otherwise dark, generic funeral—it’s better than nothing, but you can do better*), then you’re more likely to take on celebrating all kinds of things in life with more enthusiasm! Not just momentous occasions—even small potato things can be big potato things by your decision to recognize and celebrate them.


Key word here is life. We have so much to learn about life from some openness about death. Each can inform the other in some kind of glorious way… if… we’re open… if… we believe it… if… we don’t see them as opposites but  facets of the same adventure.

*Give me a holler if you want some support “doing better.” It’s not hard, it’s fun.


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