Disco BallAnyone else want a disco ball at their funeral?

I met a woman last night who, upon hearing about my business, practically cut me off to tell me that she’s already told her husband she wants a disco ball at her funeral. Or more precisely, in her mausoleum.

Mausoleum?? Who does that anymore?! She was barely middle aged. But she doesn’t like the idea of cremation, and she doesn’t want to spend eternity underground, and she has some family in fancy vaults, so a mausoleum it is. No Disco Inferno for her, but she’s hip on knowing she ain’t Stayin’ Alive forever.

I didn’t plant this idea, remember. It’s an example of how much people… perhaps even you… are already having creative and radical wishes for their goodbye. Poor thing probably never gets to tell anyone her great idea, but she hit pay dirt with me.

Her only concern was how to get electricity in the mausoleum, because she (seriously, folks) wants the disco ball lit and turning for eternity, or however long she can get that pulled off. I think solar would be the answer, but we didn’t get lost in the details last night.

Suffice it to say, this lit me up. And not just because I’m a die-hard BeeGees fan, but because it’s a stellar example of how to have fun planning your goodbye in advance. When you start to envision how your own goodbye party will go, check in with your mortal self about what is most you, what you love and what has your spirit always embraced. The delight should come quickly. And as I say, if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.

Maybe… while you’re contemplating your goodbye party… You Should be DancingYeah!