BowieRaR87That’s the phrase which summed up David Bowie’s funeral plans. As the media is reporting, he presumably had a “direct cremation,” which means there was no service or viewing. The body is taken to the crematory, where often the the crematory operator is the only witness. It’s private, efficient, and economical.

The main thing worth pointing out, to me, is that he was clear about what he wanted and he made it known. His style was that his physical body didn’t matter, but his music did (which is why he released his final gift of music just days before he died).

Request a black tie bash or shuffle off to the flames with no fanfare—or a bazillion affairs in between— but don’t not think about it and not leave some guidance.

If you don’t even know where to start, what’s available, or how to go about organizing it, call or email me. That’s what I Want a Fun Funeral is all about… turning a dreaded and overwhelming chore into possibly an absolute delight. Because it’s not about your death; it’s about your life.