Xmas-House-2016I Want a Fun Funeral is on Christmas break this week. I Want a Fun Funeral thought it would be able to eek out a blog post while down south with Florida family, but apparently it’s a no-go. Way too much coffee-chatting, caroling, eggnog-ing, and all manner of overindulging.

What’s happening is enjoying LIFE — living in the moment and celebrating whatever strikes our fancy.

Wishing everyone a warm and heartwarming holiday, whatever you celebrate. Remember your people who are here only in spirit now, laugh and keep those memories of them alive —and don’t for one second hesitate to take it up a notchDo something wild and crazy that puts their special presence back in the gathering. Ain’t sacrilegious, ain’t cheesy, ain’t subversive and ain’t dumb. It’s nothing short of GLORIOUS to bestow that kind of kudos to our favorite people, and to let ourselves relish in the remembrance.

Next week I’ll be reporting back on what my family is doing to take it up a notch in the memory department. We haven’t even ‘done’ it yet and we’re already getting a kick out of preparing.

FUN is always there for the taking. Grab a hold!