So… how about this Last Wishes idea?

Has it got you entertaining any ideas? And I mean that literally — you should feel entertained coming up with some Last Wishes! You can’t help but smile, your mind is both at ease and kind of excited, because you know you’re tapping into something meaningful.

Pondering good deeds for someone — whether it’s your neighbor, a dear friend you haven’t seen for decades, a local charity, or people who need clean water on the other side of the globe — should bring you so much joy! It’s your heart’s desire to bring some abundance to them.

And your people will do them, no matter what!! Because remember, things are possible when someone has died that aren’t possible at any other time. So when you’re the one who has kicked the bucket, you are setting the stage for good deeds to be done in your honor.

All it takes is pondering the ideas and writing them down! That’s it. It could not be easier.

You don’t have to worry about how, when, why… you’re off having your next cosmic adventure.

But your people. Your people!

They are honored and thrilled to do this one last thing for you. Wild horses couldn’t keep them from doing this for you!

It will be a bonding experience for them to figure it out (if it even requires that), and such fulfillment to see it realized.

And then there’s the actual good deed to the beneficiary and how awesome that is. The recipient of your good will is getting something unexpected, valuable, and possibly life-changing.

It is such a win-win-win.

Last Wishes. Please, let’s make this a thing! We could be changing the world every time someone dies. Take a few minutes now and jot some thoughts down. I promise that if you do, your heart will feel a little burst of joy.