Fun Funeral planners! aka Ordinary People Who Don’t Want Another Drab, Useless Funeral,

This is about creativity. There is no One-Size Fits All in the department of personalized send-offs.

How personalized would it be if it were following a template, or known structure? I’m pretty sure that’s what already exists.

For your goodbye celebration to really, deeply, have your personality in it in a memorable way — that particular event isn’t written down anywhere. It’s not in some List of Unique Things, because… well… your brand of uniqueness is yours and yours alone.

it can only be created by you. With help, if you want — but optimally you want to be a part of the planning. Worse case scenario is your peeps doing it after you’ve kicked the bucket, in which case, still — it’s done with you and only you in mind.

I’m here to usher that along. Show you around this new world of goodbye possibilities. It’s surely not rocket science. It’s the opposite — it’s taking what’s right in front of your eyes, the average day-to-day-ness of someone’s life, and seeing the beauty in it, and escalating that beauty into something wondrous, touching, and healing.

We all deserve a goodbye celebration that packs a wallop. Whether it be an out-right party or a subdued, understated recognition… as long as a person’s spirit is present, and love and gratitude is in abundance, the form doesn’t matter.

All that matters is what is felt. The heart is touched, the legacy made, the gratefulness for the life is palpable and deep.

Reach out to me and let me assist you in any goodbye on the horizon* or just happened, memorials included. Together we can create a memorable and heart-warming goodbye that has the power to transform pain into smiles, in the best, most respectful possible way.

*Just kidding. They’re all on the horizon.