Did you know? The days of the one-sided funeral are over — people mourning the dead person.

The new world is that we (as the dead person) have planned ahead for what sentiments we want to leave behind. We don’t just instruct our people on whether to bury or cremate, but we actually provide some ideas! To be solemn or light-hearted, modest or a little outrageous, wear black or wear beach/golf/gardening/sports attire. No category is off-limits.

And while you’re at it, write messages of love, gratitude, forgiveness, random thoughts or your life’s profound observations.

And while you’re at it even more, leave some Last Wishes behind of GOOD DEEDS done in your honor! Nobody is going to blow off a loved one’s last wishes, so don’t miss this golden opportunity to put some good out into the world! Write down a last wish (or two or twenty) and know (with a full heart) that something good is going to happen when your life is done.

That’s how to go out in meaningful style.

Carve out an hour and get it down on paper. You will feel like a new person. Seriously!

A person who planned for something generous and wonderful happening when their number was up.

Be that person.