Ideas from you!

When I hold an I Want a Fun Funeral workshop — which I did last week, you inspire me! People walk in the door already having their own awesome ideas . Here’s two of my favorites from that class.

#1 Favorite Idea Instead of prayer cards, a woman wants lottery tickets handed out at her funeral. No offense to prayer cards, but who wouldn’t rather get a chance at some cash? Plus, it’s just more fun, which for a fun person is the point. This is injecting your own spirit into your goodbye, because I’m sure all this woman’s survivors will smile at how her this is. This is memorable! (And for the record, I actually like prayer cards. I use them as bookmarks, so the departed keep me on top of my literary needs.) Other ideas I’ve heard along the way as alternatives to prayer cards are bookmarks (like actual ones), recipe cards, photos, seed packets, and a uniquely quirky memorial bingo card.

And hey, no one’s saying you can’t give out both prayer cards and a lottery ticket!

#2 Favorite Question Can I just have a party instead of a funeral?!  There is no law requiring a funeral. We are gloriously free to say goodbye in any way that lights us up. If you want an absolute blow out with food, booze, and dancing (as this woman really, truly did) — write that down and make sure your relatives or friends promise to honor it. Remember: Writing it down gives specific instructions, permission, and encouragement, all of which are needed, since we often have no warning about the circumstances of our departure. (Most of us are caught off guard — can we just admit that?) But back to the party… since you won’t be in attendance, you can enjoy it now by planning it. This is bona fide truth. I have so much fun planning my farewell I don’t need to be there; I’m enjoying it now, ahead of the game. It’s like your personal tail-gate.

And hey, no one’s saying you can’t have both a funeral and a party!

What you want is a memorable goodbye! You don’t want a lackluster, generic, this-could-be-anyone-in-the-box kind of send off.  Take a few and think about what would make you smile if you were at your own funeral. Then write that down and get those plans in the works, baby.

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