The-Guardian-article-Casket-MakingIt’s that time again. Another vote for the power of making your own casket courtesy of The Guardian.

“Scores of retirees across the country have formed clubs so they can get together and build their own coffins.”

“I had a deep-seated feeling that people’s journey’s deserved a more personal farewell. ” Katie Williams

“There is a lot of loneliness among the elderly, but at the coffin club people feel useful, and it is very social. We have morning tea and lunch, and music blaring, and cuddles.”

They have “music blaring.” Can’t be a naysayer to this… they are clearly having fun.


“I am of the opinion that it is very healthy to face up to the inevitable.” Katie Williams, 77 years old, nurse and founder

Check it out. He wallpapered his casket with his favorite newspaper clippings.




 “There are now a dozen coffin clubs operating in both the North and South Island.”



Call me crazy, but how is this not awesome? Personal expression and loving hand labor for your own going away party, and thousands of dollars saved. But what’s most compelling is the social benefits of this shared undertaking. The companionship, the vision, the support, the emotional and philosophical conversations that inevitable must take place—the creation of a community that fills a void and confronts a scary issue.

What a role model they are. Huge applause for Katie Williams and all who are showing us what a new world of saying goodbye can entail and look like.

All images by Katie Williams via The Guardian