I bow to Briar Batesthis extraordinary lover of life who just upped the ante for having a say in the matter of your own goodbye party.

“We did it because Briar told us to”
I preach this! People will do things at death that aren’t possible at any other time.

“The dying artist’s request for a water-ballet memorial was playful and absurd”
Which was exactly her personality. You want your personality in your celebration!

“It was Briar’s gift to us. It was like her saying, ‘I want to spend time with you, but I don’t want I’m-sad-you’re-dying to be at the top of the list.”
Take matters into your own hands. Everyone benefits.

“They were mourning by Bedazzling their faces.”
Tears and laughter…  you really want both.

“When the spectacle was over, the soaked people smiled, hugged, laughed and cried.”
So much love and bonding. Life changing bonding.