Happy 2020! New Year’s seems like weeks ago already. How is that possible? It seems unanimous that time is flying faster than ever.

With a new year, and a new decade to boot, comes new perspectives.

What’s disguising itself as a perspective, for me, is more an insistence — an insight into what matters most to me regarding I Want a Fun Funeral, and to honor it. There’s so much about this conversation that is juicy and deep, psychologically challenging, emotionally confronting, and more! I want to include it all.

There’s little about death that is easy. Umm, I think we can make that a solid “nothing.”

When NBC aired their segment on December 1, 2019 which included my Funeral Revolution presentation, I found one bit of editing curious. They used a clip of me saying, in the emphatic way I am wont to do because it’s the crux of what motivates me, ”So why aren’t we doing this every time somebody dies?!” But the context of it was gone. Given that the segment focus was on fun and personalized goodbyes, one would assume I meant only that: why aren’t we having a fun party every time someone times?

And nothing could be further from the truth.

Of course I support a lively and lighthearted goodbye if that’s what a person wanted, but it’s really not what I’m pushing. I mean, DUH — I Want a Fun Funeral. But that’s partly a lure to get to the heart of the matter.

The context of my question is that we should be rolling up our sleeves and getting in action to honor someone. DOING SOMETHING… be it raise money, raise consciousness, have an event, take a trip, start a legacy… the options are practically infinite. The concept is that people come together and take some kind of action in someone’s honor, and that action benefits people.

The benefit could be huge or tiny, and it could be in any realm. It could just be “massive healing” for the survivors or recognition of an underappreciated aspect of the person (aka the deceased). It’s what I call Taking It Up a Notch. I’ve written about it before and if all goes well, will write much more in the coming months.

Because that is what I want to become a revolution. That we move from passive observers of funeral rituals to becoming engaged creators in saying goodbye. Having sendoffs that make a difference. Go all out, no holds barred — Take It Up a Notch and create an unforgettable, and just maybe, a life-changing goodbye.

Anything less is a waste. Things are possible when someone has died that aren’t possible at any other time. Let’s harness that energy and start changing the world in honor of each person who has come and gone.