Forget what you know about funerals. If there were no normal funeral custom already existing, and a beloved person in your life died, what would you rather do—Roll up your sleeves and do something in their honor, or go sit in some chairs somewhere, following awkward, uncomfortable protocol, let strangers dictate what should happen, and call it a day.

Forget how you think funerals are supposed to be. Feel with your heart how that person made your life better, and the huge impact they’re leaving on you. Know that you can make just as huge an impact in how you honor them.

Forget doing what’s always been done. It’s time to do what’s never been done.

Because this person, your beloved person, holds a special place in your heart and life that can’t be replaced. Put that honor into action. Pull out all the stops. Go all out. Take it up a notch and put some good into the world.