Can’t resist sharing this since I live just outside Philadelphia, where the recent Super Bowl win is a bit of a big deal.


I’m not pushing the wonderfulness of Philadelphia Eagles fans.

I’m highlighting that our passing deserves great fanfare (no pun intended). We are all so loved, so missed, so remembered and longed for once we’re gone.

The ever-popular “Who cares what you do, I’m dead” philosophy is just dumb, can I say that? You die, and life is forever changed for those you leave behind.

Saying goodbye is as momentous as it gets in Life. Nothing else comes close to that emotion, finality, significance.

We all know loss and we all want to honor that loss. The sending over of a beer by 12 strangers warms our hearts. We feel Dennis’ sorrow that his wife isn’t here anymore, and his determination to do what he can to feel her presence. We are touched that she meant so much to him.

We all want to be remembered.

All reasons to celebrate someone’s life with all the gusto you can manage. Don’t have a boring, generic funeral. Put a little LIFE into how you say goodbye.

Funerals should be like the Super Bowl Parade of someone’s life.

Why in the world should they be anything less?