I love new offerings for what to do with our deceased bodies, and this latest one is solid. Literally.

It’s stones instead of ashes after cremation. Or rather, stones from ashes.

Parting Stone has developed a process of turning cremains (aka ashes) into smooth and attractive stones of various shapes and sizes. Like this (picture from their website © 2019 Chronicle Cremation Designs LLC – All Rights Reserved.)


Made of cremains, yet resulting in an entirely different form. They can be displayed (and held) with no additional container. It feels much more of a direct connection to the deceased than simply looking at a container.

The fact that there is actually something you can hold feels practically revolutionary.

And the creators come from a place of empathy, motivated by personal desire, not the marketing some new product.

Parting Stone is a new company, and not every funeral home has a contract with them, so you may or may not be able to request this directly from whatever funeral home or crematory you deal with. But any individual person can send their cremains directly to them and have the stones made and mailed back to them. At this point the cost posted on their website is $595.

This goes into the category of People Need to Know About This, so let’s spread the word!