I swear, the simplest things can pack the most punch. Three words and a whole scenario is set. The exclamation point packs its own wallop, underscoring that this isn’t a suggestion, but an insistence.

(No Mourners Allowed!)

We are making huge progress. People are saying what they want!!

I need to be point out that in this instance the deceased was 89 years old. This is no small matter. Though still possible, it’s much harder to rule out mourning when someone was young or died tragically.

However, let’s still be inspired by those who are refusing to take the somber and joyless path. It takes a bit of bravery to say No Mourners Allowed! No kowtowing to tradition, no worrying about those who might be horrified at the suggestion, no willingness to have their celebration compromised by unwanted dourness.

The family is proactively setting the tone of gratitude and celebration they desire. They want an experience full of the life of their beloved.

Whether you’re planning your own life celebration ahead of time or planning one for another, it’s yours to create. It’s your honor, and your right to say farewell however you’re so inspired.

You take the reins and set the tone. It’s your goodbye… not society’s, posterity’s, or your grumpy neighbor’s.