Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 1.17.19 PMFew people know about the burgeoning green burial movement going on all over the world.

A wonderful documentary, A Will for the Woods, is now available for free streaming until March 26, 2015. The movie follows the real-life story of a man dying of cancer, but determined that his passing will have a positive environmental impact. Click here to watch. The film brings to life what might sound unfamiliar and strange relative to what we know about ‘typical’ burials, and you quickly see what a difference bringing nature into the picture makes.

Being buried in a shroud or all-natural wicker casket instead of a manufactured casked with a concrete vault. No chemicals instead of embalming. A fully-sustainable green burial grounds instead of a cemetery which was been cleared of its natural vegetation and ecosystem.

The Green Burial Council has all the information you need to learn more.