Calling all lovers of Last Wishes to support our goal of raising $500 for a tip for a pizza!*

Yup, we’re going to surprise an unsuspecting server with a $500 cash tip for our pizza, and tell her the story of Aaron Collins and why we’re doing this.

…which is because it was his Last Wish and we want that to be a thing!

Not necessarily $500 tips (though that is very awesome), but Last Wishes. We all have some kind of magnificent (or teeny tiny, it doesn’t matter) Last Wish we can leave for our survivors.

Don’t go off to the Great Beyond without writing down at least one Last Wish to be done in your honor!

There’s nothing hard or burdensome about it: it’s a delightful few minutes of thinking of a good deed to be done in some area that means something to you. Easy-peasy and satisfying.

It should make you smile. And then it will make your survivors smile! And then it will make the beneficiary of your Last Wish grin from ear-to-ear!

How can you resist this?

*We’ll do this in person somewhere in the Philadelphia (or suburbs)/So Jersey vicinity, depending on who’s in and when. Anyone can contribute and you’ll be part of it, even if virtually. Shoot me a note and I can supply my Venmo.