FCA logoOne of the best resources in the country for information about funerals is the Funeral Consumers Alliance, a nonprofit organization that protects consumers’ rights, championing the need for and access to meaningful, dignified, affordable funerals for people.

They do for funeral purchases what Consumer Reports does for products.
That is something anyone could benefit from at some point in their life. Especially given the mysterious, vague, intimidating sense most people have about planning a funeral, from the first call down to the headstone in the cemetery.

FCA offers:

  • Guidance on how to plan a funeral, either at time of need or in advance
  • Cost-saving tips for staying within your budget
  • Education about your legal rights when dealing with funeral providers
  • Dozens of downloadable pamphlets on all aspects on funeral planning
  • Local affiliates in each state providing specific state regulations and information, and in many cases price surveys of local funeral homes to help consumers see the wide range of costs.

One message that FCA is fervent about spreading is the fact that the difference in funeral costs vary wildly, even within the same town and even for the exact same services. A great many people spend much more money than they want or can even afford to because they didn’t know how much prices vary and that they have a choice.

FCA is comprised of many passionate volunteers who would love to help you in any way they can. (Note that they do not provide financial assistance, however.) Visit www.funerals.org for all this and so much more, including links to local affiliates by state.