Could you use a little inspiration for a knock-out goodbye party? Whether thinking of your own or for someone else — remember: Don’t have a boring, forgettable funeral. But some life into it.

This sacred ritual should reflect the life and spirit of the dearly departed. It’s that simple.

Of course it isn’t necessarily easy, because you’re going against the tide of conformity, tradition, expectations, and the judgement of others (perceived or real).

Stand your ground. Create the farewell that is unforgettable.

Here’s my favorite examples of people who did.

Mr. Blues Skies (yes, the ELO song) Farewell

Water Ballet

Cupcake Party for little girl

Boas and Tutus

Remember… this is a person you’ve loved with all your heart. Give them the goodbye that reflects that love and leaves everyone with a full heart and a smile. Even through the tears.