For anyone who needs reminding, Roberto Benigni is the Italian actor who accepted the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film for Life is Beautiful in 1999, for which he also won Best Actor. He screeched with joy, jumped up and down, walked on top of the seat backs, literally hopped up the steps to the stage, and generally went all-out berserk with gratitude and joy.

That is an analogy of the level that we should celebrate people when they leave us.

Massive gratitude.

Yes, it’s sad and of course, there’s tears when people die. But it’s because of our overflowing love and gratitude for the people in our lives that we will miss them.

So we should put that love, gratitude and celebration of their life front and center, go all out, and (one more time)celebrate their lives like there’s no tomorrow. We owe them that.

Don’t say “We love you and we’ll miss you” small. Say it huge, with all your heart.