I am positively mesmerized by this. The whole student body of Palmerston North Boys’ High School (in New Zealand) performed this “haka” for their beloved teacher who died unexpectedly. I had to research what a haka was, and apparently it’s a traditional, ancestral war cry, or dance, from the Maori culture in NZ, but is also commonly performed to honor an achievement, occasion, or person, including at funerals.

What an expression of respect and love! Clearly this teacher was making a huge contribution to his students’ lives.

Takeaway: GO. ALL. OUT when saying Goodbye / Thank you / We love you / We’ll miss you / We’ll Remember You.

And for anyone like me who really wonders what they were saying, here is a translation someone provided in the Comments:

Be prepared take hold
Reach out
We of Palmerston North Boys’ High School stand steadfast
Within our Domain
Standing firm
Standing proud
Standing with respect
To uphold
To uplift
To uplift
To uphold
The prestige of our school
Our aims are to seek knowledge
And reach our goals and aspirations
Seek the horizon of aspirations
And draw near to it
Those aspirations that are near, take them
And it be known, yes, let it be known
Let your adrenalin abound high above
It is done!!!