Rye toastThey say it’s the little things in life that sometimes matter most. Same goes for death. The obit for a good friend’s Mom was fairly traditional, the usual fare of family, hobbies, and associations. But the last sentence read “Joan enjoyed a crisp Manhattan, a buttered slice of fresh rye bread, and a good game of Yahtzee.” For some reason, knowing that she loved Rye toast (and maybe it’s because I do, too) was my favorite part of the whole obituary. In that one sentence, she came to life — her personality was full and present, and I could see her smiling and eagerly awaiting that first bite into a hot, buttered slice of rye. Two years later, I’m still reminiscing on the piece of toast, and it always makes me smile.

Bring your loved one to life in that last little piece of real estate they get in the newspaper or online. Put their spirit in it to make it a tasty treat and not a ration of water and bread. It’s more (ful)filling a meal for everyone.