I’m here to help. Help you. To be of service in this awkward and Let’s-not-worry-about-that-now area of life.

Lest I just blog and post inspiring stories and Rah Rah, Make Your Goodbye the Best It Can Be!, every so often it helps to sing out about the bottom line. Which is that croaking isn’t theoretical. It’s hopefully not upcoming, but it’s still happening some day, and it’s going to be a sad day for your peeps who love you.

Make the day… the whole sorrowful experience… the acceptance of it so much better by having a say in the matter of it. Your parting words can make a world of difference in the end.

Read more about that here.

If you’re feeling bold and proactive, or if you’re feeling intimidated, or just timid — whichever way it is for you, lovely mortal person just like all of us — I’m here to help brainstorm with you in the most personalized way to start the “What do I want?” ball rolling.

You don’t have to want fun, either, remember that. You just want your spirit and your personality there.

You want your goodbye message to be felt. And heartfelt.

I can help you do that. One-on-one.

Fair warning: The discussing of it will be fun; it’s the only way I know how to be. But fun is often what helps get things done.

So take a little leap of faith. Give me a holler, 215-348-4306, or email me at kyle@iwantafunfuneral.com. I promise, before you even realize it you will be relieved and beyond.

You will start having a vision and it will feel like a little miracle.