After a few hopeless starts for this blog post, I’m leaving it at this:

Make friends with “I don’t know.” Like good, good friends. BFFs.

Throw a Welcome Party for uncertainty.

And try to take in, deep in your bones, that all of this stuff in our lives is a complete illusion.

As we see all around us every day, it can be gone in a flash.

And one day, when our own number is up, we ourselves will be gone in a flash.

And that is what is certain, predictable, and Truth. This is all a transitory experience that someday will be merely history.

And so it is. I guess it’s a Buddhist philosophy — practicing nonattachment and “all of life is change.” It is really hard to argue that one.

I would surmise that the best way to put that into practice is whatever works best for you… I don’t know that there’s a one-size-fits-all strategy for accepting change.

For me, because I like to have a positive approach, it’s in the form of “Bring it on.” Yeah, I know, easier said than done for a lot of awful things that may happen, but still. What works for me is coming from a place of some kind of personal power.

And if that only power (and it often is) is “I can handle it” then so be it. I may initially fall on the ground, but I know I will get up and I will deal. Starting off with willingness instead of resistance is less exhausting.

It’s really the time now to embrace your inner strength. Channel your inner Brene Brown: Acknowledge your vulnerability and at the same time, know and trust your innate resilience.

Death, pain, loss, change, freaky, crazy, pandemic… this is life. This. Is. Life.

I Want a Fun Funeral, and me, Kyle, the person… we are not arguing with reality.

Reality… good or bad, horrendous, magnificent… whatever form you take… I’m in.

“I don’t know” what the next second may bring, never mind tomorrow or next week. And still, I’m in.