Look alive, local people.

If you’ve ever been disappointed by a funeral / left feeling empty / completely forgotten every detail / reluctantly went through the motions / fill-in-your-worst funeral moment / …then you need to come hear this.

We’re talking about how to STOP DOING THAT.

Stop doing what’s always been done.

(Unless you’re completely satisfied and fulfilled by traditional, cookie-cutter funeral traditions, because if that’s the case [and that’s cool] then you don’t need this.)

We’re sharing a new vision of life celebrations that is unlike what you normally see, and if done well —or heck, even half-baked — can be transformational. Engaging, heartfelt, and healing.

And we’re doing it with some laughs, we cannot lie! Death needs a little levity, and we’re not talking about ouiji boards.

If any of that appeals, piques your interests, or intrigues, please take two hours out of a June 2019 evening and come hear what we’ve got cooking in Funeral Revolution Land.

Our hope is that you never see funerals the same way again.

Click here for details and to sign up.

I Want at Fun Funeral
putting a little life into your wishes