RIP_Coffee_Can_Urn_FrontPeople often joke about ashes in coffee cans. Why joke when you can have the real thing? Don’t settle for a can from your cabinet when you get this little beauty from Archie McPhee.

It’s both economical and entertaining.

For those who don’t take life too seriously… literally. There’s no reason we have to conform with what culture deems respectful. (It’s peer pressure just like everything else.) I think the only requirement for this is that the dearly departed would have given it a thumbs up.

And even if it never gets used, it can serve as a playful reminder of our transience in life.


RIP_Coffee_CansIt fulfills my personal criteria of whatever makes you smile, enjoy your memories, and fills your heart with love and gratitude. It’s never about the money spent, what other people think, or following tradition just for the sake of it.

There is no one way to say goodbye.