Planning your own goodbye party is not a thing.

Talking about death is not a thing.

Comfort with knowing that one day one of your breaths is going to be your last is not a thing.

We are so not okay with dying it’s not even funny. Here I am trying to have fun with it, and not only is it not a thing, it’s the most shirked, sidestepped, and steered-clear-of topic of all time, anywhere.

This has got to stop.

Let’s all together (or separately!) take a stand for the normal, unexceptional, universal, and humble fact that life is temporary. Find comfort in it being the only event we all have completely 100% in common.

Think about that for a millisecond. That’s such a juicy fact, you think we would cash in on it, take advantage of that shared future. We do the opposite. We refuse to discuss.

We are silly.

I am fighting the good fight… to normalize this wildly unpopular we’re-all-going-to-die-one-day-can-we-please-just-talk-about-it proposition.

If you’re on board: my apologies for preaching to the choir. Stay courageous and at ease. I encourage you to not be disturbed by others’ discomfort or disapproval. Be a role model and beacon of light for the liberation from death anxiety and fear. This is no small thing!

Let’s make death acceptance a thing! It’s cool, it’s okay, it’s normal, it’s expected. SAD, absolutely. But it’s practically dysfunctional to wish it away and refuse to grant its place in the circle of life.

Embrace it! Appreciate its significance.

Let it be a thing we’re okay with.