Richard Gere quote“Putting a little life into your last wishes.” That’s my tagline. And I like it! Dying…death…funerals… the more life has a part of it, the more meaningful it can be.

I had a revelation this week, which I will have to write more about in the future, that death is not just a literal once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it’s very much a figurative one, too. Many things are possible at that time that could or never would happen under any other circumstance.

Good things. Very good things.

But like I said, that’s a topic for another blog post. Since I am short on time this week, I’m going to take the notion of how closely death is connected to LIFE, and just repost this Richard Gere quote that’s been going around on Facebook. It’s not like he’s the first one to utter this sentiment, but he’s the handiest one for me to quote right now.

Because the sentiment really is perfect. Life is short, friends. We never know how long we have. We need to make sure to really and truly LIVE while we’re here.

Go do something crazy this weekend. Or do something from a level of love you rarely get to. Just be YOU—uninhibited, unrestrained, uniquely and wonderfully ALIVE. Something worthy of repeating at your goodbye party.

That’s what I’m doing, anyway.