When you just can’t…

• Think about funerals and fun in the same sentence

• Stomach that there’s anything lighthearted about death

• Muster an ounce of interest in reflecting on your mortality

• Find a reason to celebrate anything at the end of a life

• Feel anything but loss and sadness

• Bear any sense of enthusiasm for new traditions

• Nod your head yes when your whole being is screaming NO!!!!!

Funerals. Death. Loss. Pain. Sugarcoating these unavoidable aspects of Life is never the objective. You gotta feel what you feel, now or later. Some days, some months, some whole seasons of your life you may be unable to put a better spin on anything death related.

Don’t force it. Be where you are. With any luck at some point you’ll see the forest and the trees.

Contemplate your own funeral today? Maybe not.

There are times when planning fun & games for your final goodbye isn’t possible even if you’re the Grand Poobah of fun & games.

Don’t even try. Never feel forced to undertake your own undertaking when you’re not in the mood.

You don’t want to put it off forever, off course, because you don’t want the death ship to sail before you’ve planned the bon voyage party!

Just a friendly reminder that not everyday is a good day to contemplate your own farewell.* 

This post was inspired by the recent video of my friend Natalia Volz, author of Passing Through Grief.

*And a hopeful reminder that when you are in the mood, there’s no time like the present.