I Want a Fun Funeral is ever evolving, my friends. Chalk it up to my own revelations about life and death and how we relate to it, as well as the seismic shifts that are going on in the actual funeral industry.

One of my bugaboos has always been the cost of funerals. Spending crazy money on typical funeral home merchandise that doesn’t heal, bring people together, touch hearts, or make a difference in the world — I just don’t get it.

But spending money on experiences or activities to honor someone — that’s dinero well spent. Someone recently told me how she hired a singer from Julliard to sing at her father’s funeral, because music was really important in her family, and she wanted something really special. Is it just me, or isn’t that so much better than upgrading to a more expensive casket?

So in the interest of only spending bucks that contribute to the depth and meaningfulness of a funeral, I’m now offering “One Hour to a Better Funeral” personal consultations. (I KNOW, it needs a better name, so hang tight till that happens, but I’m still having them.)

One hour of chatting and I’ll provide you numerous ways to make whatever funeral you have in mind (your own or someone else’s) better. Better as in not generic, boring, or empty. Better as in bringing people together in unexpected ways, through activities, events, experiences. They could be big or small, but the goal is always to create a goodbye that is unforgettable. Because that’s what we deserve, and what brings us peace and healing.

It’s a down ’n dirty, cut-to-the-chase one hour of creative brainstorming. Most people are not going to go hire funeral planners, but they also may not know themselves how to take their goodbye celebration up a notch.

But I do.

And I want to help your average person — in one hour — be able to plan a truly memorable, meaningful, and impactful sendoff.

50 bucks and a better funeral can be yours. Reach out and let me conspire with and inspire you, such that a dreaded task becomes a joyful, heartwarming experience.