I Want a Fun Funeral is about taking it up a notch, refusing to settle for a generic, boring funeral, and making sure your personality is in it! And this can only happen if you make some decisions in advance and write them down.

And what *I, Kyle* do is teach you all the options and alternatives you don’t know about (and there’s a lot), the little-known (but highly valuable) laws about dealing with funeral homes, ways to save money (the average cost of a funeral is easily around $10,000 these days), inspiring ways to be creative and really meaningful in your wishes, and most importantly…

I provide the STRUCTURE: The space to ponder and have the conversation, the place to write it down, and the totally made up (read: fabricated, invented out of thin air) but crucial, I swear to you TIME FRAME (or deadline, if you feel like being extremist about it) to actually DO IT, instead of just thinking it’s a good idea.*

And I make the whole entire thing ENLIGHTENING, EASY, and actually, my friends and skepticsENJOYABLE.

*Because this is the fatal flaw (how apropos) in our mental processes. There is no urgency, no handy excuse, no reason under the sun to spend an otherwise pleasant afternoon thinking about what’s going to happen when you’re dead. Who wants to do that?! And SO… it doesn’t get done.

And another lackluster, unsatisfying, so-much-less-than-you-deserved funeral takes place.

Let’s stop doing that. Help me figure out a way, because I feel like I’m grasping at straws, to appeal to the practicality of this. It’s a hard sell, this business of writing down your last wishes ahead of time.

I’m like a broken record with this, I know. I have ideas, some new thoughts on how to talk about it. I’m practicing them here, and I’m all ears if anyone has any brainstorms or even feeble ruminations. We are truly all in this together, taking turns saying goodbye whenever another person’s time has come. Let’s be braver, more authentic, and willing to be awkward. If you talk about it enough, it really does become bearable.

It even becomes totally okay. And from okay, we are on our way to grateful and joyous.