Hello Fellow Quarantined Humans,

Does anyone need another voice saying “Crazy, scary times!”?

I know I don’t. I actually don’t even want to hear myself think anymore.

But avoiding it is futile. You might as well try hugging your neighbors.

My heart goes out to everyone in the circumstance of not being able to be with someone at death… be it before, during, or after.

And yet, the gift of honoring someone who has died has not been diminished whatsoever.

Delayed, yes, but not diminished!

And a gift it is. A privilege. It’s an outpouring of our love and gratitude in a tangible way.

It’s likely plans for celebrating a life have to be postponed for months, or longer… with no idea when you’ll be able to hold a memorial. That can feel excruciating if you’ve just lost a beloved person.

What can we do when circumstances prevent us from coming together and sharing our grief — the thing we’ve always done when we lose someone?

Put the ache in your heart into action.

There is no time limit on honoring a life, and even if it’s a year away, take the time now and plan something worthy of the wait.

Because love is love. When you focus on your feelings and the need to say goodbye to someone, there is no inferior. It’s just a timeline change.

Don’t let current conditions rob you of the privilege of celebrating a life.

Rather, use the extra time to take it up a notch and go all out! Without the usual scheduling constraints in ‘normal’ life, there is truly time now to create something wonderful. Without compromising, rushing, or conforming to expectations. Time to plan something so deep, so heartfelt and healing, that you couldn’t imagine it any other way.

I’m committed to helping people create meaningful, impactful, and memorable celebrations of life. Fun or not. Let me join forces with you to plan a celebration that has been enhanced because of the time available to make it spectacular. Make it a goodbye that makes a difference.

Raise money. Raise consciousness. Pay it forward. Do a project. Plan a trip. Roll up your sleeves and get into action. Let’s create that world where every time someone dies, we take it as an opportunity to honor them by doing good in the world.

Turn it around and see it for the absurd opportunity it is: To not be passive observers of funeral professionals carrying out a ritual, and instead being engaged creators of a personal goodbye that makes a difference.