I had an event tonight at Delaware Valley College. “I Want a Fun Funeral” to inspire, educate, and support people getting their own funeral thoughts down on paper… well ahead of time. Doing it when you’re dead is impossible, thanks to Mother Nature’s finality on the matter, so the smart thing is to do it well ahead of time. Of course you never know exactly how much well ahead you might be, which is all the more reason to… well…. jump on it, baby.

One person in the class offered that she was doing this because her own parents’ funerals were so sorrowful, and that she didn’t want her children suffering that same depth of pain. She wanted it to be more lighthearted. She wanted them to laugh.

And that is why I do what I do. Create the space and means for people to leave their loved ones their final wishes, so that joy replaces some of the pain. That’s all.