It’s Christmas and we’re all scrambling, so I went to my posts from last December to see if I could just repost a blog. And lo and behold, I am able to steal the idea with a new twist.

In the spirit of remembering the people in our lives who are no longer with us, I went to Allison Gilbert’s book, Passed and Present again. Last year we all brought ornaments for the tree to commemorate our late dads/grandpas/nonno. It was a total hit.

So this year, we’re going to make either a shadow box or a collage. It might just be pictures we download from the internet; we’re not going to be perfectionist about it. It’s about the experience, the sharing, the joy that comes from talking about our favorite people. And putting that energy into action. To create a masterpiece isn’t the objective. To feel and express our love is all that matters.

And you know, it’s just like a funeral in this way: Sitting there and observing, or just thinking (or just missing someone), offers nothing. It’s an exercise in emotional futility. Roll up your sleeves and get into action! If you miss someone, do something! Put that longing and love into play. Literally, playing is best, but any activity will do the trick if it’s making you feel better.

And just like last year, I’ve gone from having no thought on this, to being so excited over what we’re going to create.

Will report back next week.

Go forth and remember someone in real time, real activity, real life.