The world is changing (quite shockingly), and so is I Want a Fun Funeral. I want to make it even more fun. I want to make it even more palatable, even more comforting and comfortable, and I want it to be even more transformational.

That was a lot of “I want”s in a row. In reality, it’s what you want! And I hear, from my events and conversations, that you want more ideas and examples of what people are doing that make their goodbyes more personal, unique, and FUN. I’m going to give you some examples first, but then I’m turning the tables.

Here are some cool experiences and ideas that have come my way:
tie-dyed-for shroud• A guy who had a huge baseball cap collection. At the wake, they were all hung up on display for people to take one home.
• As part of your own funeral plans in advance, leaving Thank You Notes for your friends/family for whatever it is you are most grateful for about them.
• Wishes to be laid out in a fancy negligee. (This is the 2nd time I’ve heard that one.) And why not? This is the whole entire point of having a personal goodbye ceremony.
• A request for ashes to be placed inside a gnome, and then taken to Ireland and photographed with the gnome in all different locations. How fun is that, right?
• Being buried in a tiedyed shroud.
• For someone donating their body to science, and therefore no body to dispose of, and therefore no casket… providing the family a ‘stand-in’ casket to decorate—or better yet, mini coffins for each and every person to decorate (art supplies provided) as a fun activity (complete with music and food) instead of hanging out in a  funeral home. Okay, so this is my idea, and my family will probably want to kill me, but 1) I’ll be dead already, sorry; and 2) I swear it is something that they would enjoy, because that’s just how we are. Sometimes your goodbye party wishes require some cojones.

Now. I want to hear your thoughts and/or experiences! This will both inspire me and help me design my even more fun I Want a Fun Funeral event.

What funerals, memorials, or other “Life Celebrations” have you been to where there was something unique? Something different and memorable? Anything that stood out as especially personal, meaningful, touching?

And/or (give me all you got, please)—what ideas are you harboring, fantasizing about, toying with, or committed to that are unique and cool? And do not be shy! Where else would you feel free to reveal it more than here, where there is no judgement or limit, only encouragement and applause.

In my classes people always share things that they’re seen and experienced (good and bad) at funerals. I want more of that… we are all so inspired by hearing other people’s stories.

Let ’er rip (ha, no pun intended) folks… tell me something cool you saw, felt, thought, or think!

(As an aside, I lost a friend last week. I was, and am,very sad. [Gail, you were the best!] I feel so blessed to have known her. “Fun” did not seem right, even though Gail was one of the funnest, most upbeat and life-loving people I’ve ever known. It’s so crucial to know that most often, time needs to pass before the fun is possible. This is so important to remember.)

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